I have not gone, I promise!

I also promise that I am not one of those bloggers who sets up a spangly new blog in a blaze of glory and unbridled enthusiasm, puts up a single blog post, then completely disappears!

My accountant wanted my books, so I had to get a little bit buried in real life paperwork.  It’s all done now, bar the tidying away of my (currently) highly organised files (it won’t last!)…and I plan to devote time tomorrow to get this place back up to date!

In other news, literally as I was typing this (at 9.25pm this evening) a tractor and trailer load of cattle has just come down our track…heralding the end of my blissful winter of off-road week-day walking.  The dogs and I have had a great time getting to know the lovely, gently undulating land behind the cottage, away from the lanes & roads and the menace of the loose neighbour’s dogs…but alas, all that has come to an end, and I guess we’ll be back out on the lanes tomorrow.  Walking on the land over the last few months has allowed me to build my walking up slowly, at my own pace, away from the sniggers that I always imagine are inevitable when the fat lass tries to exercise.  Thanks to having access to this land I can now confidently take to the lanes tomorrow.  I may not be a stick insect, but I have now at least a basic level of fitness, so I should be slightly less red-faced and puffing as I walk along, looking over the hedgerows and peering into ditches, whilst watching out for cars and loose dogs…

I’m looking forward to seeing where the cattle end up in the morning.  I can tell by the silence on the telephone line that the electric fence is OFF, and I know for a fact that even if it was ON, most of the fence is lying on the ground, well and truly ‘earthed’.  Fortunately the boundary fencing is good, they won’t end up out on the lanes, or on someone else’s land…but I bet they won’t be in the field he left them in, haha!

DSC_0244[those are the Slieve Blooms on the horizon]


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