Benefits of joining a local ramblers group?

There’s an active local ramblers group, they head out every Sunday, and during the summer months they go out on a weekday evening too.

A friend suggested I go out with them…and a small part of me is tempted.

But a larger part of me is not so keen…for now at least!

I know I would benefit from their experience, their companionship, their knowledge and advice…I’d also get to walk in new places, see new sights, learn new things

However, I just don’t think I’m up to it yet.

  • I want to be able to stop when I feel like it, either to catch my breath, or to look at some curiosity more closely.
  • I want to be able to change my mind on what route we’re taking if I decide there’s something of interest ‘over there’ that I want to check out…
  • …or if I think the route we were originally going to take doesn’t look as appealing/easy as it did on the OSI map I most probably spent the whole of the previous evening staring at (I *LOVE* maps and can spend hours reading them, just for fun!).
  • I want to be able to walk at my own pace, and not feel that I have to keep up with others at a speed I’m not comfortable maintaining.
  • I don’t want to feel embarrassed when my distinct lack of fitness makes me gasp for air at even a slight hint of an incline…
  • …and I also heard a rumour that they don’t allow dogs, and that’s possibly the biggest no-no of them all!

Sirmione - no dog's sign

Would welcome thoughts on whether to continue to go it alone (with the husband and a dog or two), or if its worthwhile hooking up with the local ramblers group?


4 thoughts on “Benefits of joining a local ramblers group?

  1. I am joined a walking group, and think it was a great move, there are different grades of walks, depending on fitness, and its a great motivator to have other people to walk with, as I think if I had to walk on my own I would soon get bored, and sit at home, especially if the weather is not so good. Plus its very sociable and a few of us usually stop for a snack or a meal on the way home from a weekend walk. Most walking clubs don’t take dogs though, so that might be off-putting for you, you could always walk with the club on the days that the doggy needs a break!

  2. Thanks for your comment Joan. I may look into some of the weekday evening walks when they start them up. From next month I think?
    I’ll (hopefully) be a little fitter by then, and I usually walk the dogs during the day, so I may not feel so guilty going walking in the evening without any of them 🙂
    I guess its just a (mild) fear of the unknown. That they’ll all go marching off at top speed and leave me behind…but I’m sure they won’t really do that!

  3. Agrh! For some reason I ain’t getting your new posts coming through after “following” your blog so am just catching up.

    Understand completely what your going through just now – especially re dogs.

    I never ended up joining a club because of the doggy factor but…having said that…I did a number of walks with non-club groups (+dog) which were great fun and I would highly recommend. Someone will always slow down to chat so I wouldn’t worry about not being the fastest. I am always the slowest when it comes to these events and have never had to walk on my own. Other than the fanatics, who will scoot off into the distance anyway, the pace is always set to accommodate the slowest of the bunch. These outings are more about the chat than the sightseeing and I think it’s important to understand that before you set out. I take a lot less photos when out with a group. It’s a different sort of event than walking solo and should be treated as such. I’ve never been made to feel awkward by being the slowest – in fact it’s now expected of me. I do have an excuse in that I am usually
    giving away a fair number of years to the others …and have a sciatic right leg. 😆

    You have to put embarrassment to the side…simply because nobody else cares how slow or how out of breath you are.
    (this may not apply on the descent however when everybody wants to get to the pub asap 😀 ).

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