Quick post on odd observations

We haven’t been able to get out over the last few weekends.  The weather has been good, but a stag weekend and repairs to my camper van have had to take precedence.

However, I’ve still been getting out walking on the lanes during the week.  Trying to improve my fitness and keep up my personal committment to ‘move more’.  I’m taking one dog at a time with me, and they are all taking turns.

Last week I felt great.  The walking was easy, and I was keen to get out there.  On Friday, after an early start and a long day at a local craft market, and after unloading all my heavy stock boxes , I was bouncing off the walls with energy.  (Usually, I’d be slumped over a cup of tea, nursing sore feet and an aching back).  The sun was out, it was a glorious evening and so I dragged the slightly reluctant husband out for a march around the local lanes.

Then yesterday and today…its just felt like such hard work.  My calves hurt, my back hurts, my shins hurts, the front of my ankles hurt, the tops of my feet hurt – not all at once I hasten to add, they all seem to take it in turns, but there always seems to be something going ‘ouch’ at me.  When I stop to get my breath back, I’m not actually stopping to get my breath back because I’m not out of breath (which is good, right?!).  I’m stopping because my legs are screaming at me.
I didn’t do any meaningful exercise at all over the weekend.  So I’m wondering if, when I know that we’re not going to get out hiking or walking anywhere over a weekend for whatever reason, I should head out on the local lanes on at least one of the weekend days, so I don’t have two non-exercise days in a row?

In a nod to a previous post [Benefits of joining a local ramblers group?], I’m off out to meet up with my local walking group for a ‘gentle walk’ this evening.  I walked this morning, just in case I wimped out and didn’t go this evening.  But now I’m wondering if that was silly, because I do really want to go out with them this evening, but my left calf feels tight and the top of my foot is sore (?).  I just hope their idea of  ‘gentle’ matches mine!


One thought on “Quick post on odd observations

  1. If it’s any consolation, my legs ache most mornings! I usually hobble out of bed and along the landing towards the bathroom. Just an idea but why not try some gentle stretching exercises before you set off for a walk (our running trainers are always telling us why this is a good idea!). When I was out on Tuesday morning, I actually stopped after five minutes for a stretch because my legs were so tight I could barely move them. It’s simple but effective.

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